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Radish/Carrot Washing Machine

Carrot washing machine is the new type carrot cleaning machine developed according to the production principle of vegetable washing machine and a large number of carrot cleaning experiments. Now, there are model 1200, 1500 and 2000 carrot washing machine available. It is mainly used in cleaning and peeling of round and oval fruit and vegetables, such as radish, carrot, potato, sweet potato, kiwifruit and other root vegetables. The cleaning rate is up to 95%, and it does not hurt the surface of material. The carrot washing machine is the necessary cleaning equipment for carrot processing industry.

Carrot Washing Machine

Model: HB - 1500
Size: 2160 * 800 * 860
Power: 3kw
Power supply: 380/50hz
Output: 1200kg/h
Net weight: 300kg

Features of carrot washing machine:
1. Water, electricity and time saving, clean and sanitation.
2. The cleaning rate is up to 95%, and the material skin would not be damaged.
3. High efficiency, less space occupation, safe and reliable.
4. Simple installation, easy operation, long service life, convenient maintenance and low energy consumption.
Note: brush roller material is processed by special process (nylon wire rope rolling), durable, good wear resistance. The tank of radish washing machine adopts high quality stainless steel material, no rust, clean and sanitation. The size can be customized according to customer's requirement.

Radish Washing MachineCarrot Washing Machine

Our company is specializing in the production of various kinds of vegetable washing machine (jujube, potato, carrots, etc.) and vegetable cleaning production line. All kinds of complete set of production line can be designed according to the material to be processed. Contact our sales staff if there is any problem and looking forward to your visit.