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Walnut shelling machine

The walnut sheller is mainly used for shelling dry walnut. The internal clearance can be adjusted flexibly according to the varieties and size specifications of walnut so as to achieve the best effect of shelling. Materials are fed from the upper hopper and shells and kernels can be separated after shelling, convenient for manual sorting and improve the work efficiency.
Walnut Sheller

Power: 1.5KW
Size: 1200x800x1300
Voltage: 380v
Frequency: 50hz
Production: 300-500kg/hour
Feed height: 1300
Discharge height: 400

Valnut Shelling Machine

Note: due to different thickness of different varieties of walnut shells, put a small amount of walnuts into the walnut sheller first to check the shelling effect. High rate of complete nuts after shelling can be achieved by adjusting the clearance of rollers or speed. Small fruit without shelling can be shelled again after resetting the clearance.

How to improve the efficiency of walnut sheller
Grading: Due to the wide range of particle size, walnuts must be graded first by size before shelling to improve the shelling rate and reduce the damage rate.
Maintain the proper moisture content: The moisture content of walnut pods has great influence on the shelling effect. For walnuts with higher moisture, the toughness of shell is larger; while there would be much powder for walnuts with lower moisture content. Thus, walnut pods should have appropriate moisture content to ensure the difference of the maximum elastic deformation and plastic deformation of shell and nuts, that is, lower moisture content of shell ensures the greatest brittleness of shell so that it can be fully broken when shelling. At the same time, plasticity of the kernel should be kept as well, because too lower moisture content would lead to much powder of nuts under the action of external force, which would reduce the breakage of nuts.