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Single-stage almond shelling machine

The almond shelling machine is dedicated to shelling almond, peach kernel, pistachios, camellia fruit, hazelnut and other nuts. It mainly consists of the shelling roller and vibrating screen. Nuts of different sizes can be shelled by adjusting the clearance of shelling rollers.

Almond Shelling Machine

The specification of almond shelling machine
Power: 1.5KW
Capacity: 300-500kg
Size of host machine: 2100 x 800 x 1300
Size of out packing: 2200 x 900 x 1450
Weight: 500kg
Shelling rate: 98%
Broken rate: 5%

Features of almond shelling machine
1. The almond shelling rate can reach 98% with the broken rate of less than 5%. Almonds can be graded first to achieve the better shelling effect.
2. Easy operation and high automation. Two people can operate the whole almond shelling and separating production line.
3. Equipped with rotary and adjustable rollers for shelling almond and other nuts of different hardness.
4. Main components of almond shelling machine adopt stainless steel with long service life.
5. High shelling efficiency with low energy consumption.
6. Small space occupation and lower investment.

Almond shelling machine is one necessary shelling machine in almond processing factories. We offer different capacity(300-1000kg/h) to meet your demand.