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Moringa Seed Shelling Machine

Our moringa seed peeling machine can process a variety of moringa seeds can be shelling. Shell separation rate is high, the whole grain size is high, low loss, the machine easy to use, single person can operate the use.

Moringa Seed Shelling Machine

Technical parameters of moringa seed sheller:

Speed:650-750 T/M
Power: 1.5KW,380V,50Hz/2.2Kw,220V,50HZ
Size: 1300*500*1100mm
Capacity: 250kg/h
Shelling Rate: 95%

Moringa SeedMoringa Seed Shelling

Working principal:
This sheller is only suitable for moringa seeds,when the moringa seeds is put into the hopper, then come into the shelling positions, through mechanical rotation rubbing. Finally,shell and kernel is separated, and then discharged through the outlet mechanical, complete shelling process.