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The special multilayer belt type pepper drying machine produced by our company adopts the principle of multilayer utilization of hot air. The main body of pepper drying machine is composed of multilayers of stainless steel mesh belt and belt type for cyclic turning to dry materials layer by layer. It makes full use of the hot air with rapid drying and dehydration, efficient operation and furthest reduces energy consumption.

Pepper Drying Machine Red Pepper Drying Machine

The characteristics of red pepper drying machine
1, Less investment, fast drying and high evaporation intensity.
2, High efficiency, high yield and good quality of products.
3, Standardization production, peppers are of good quality after drying.

Application of pepper drying machine:
Apart from pepper drying, the pepper drying machine can also be used for drying flake, strip and granular materials with good permeability, such as tapioca chips, bitter gourd slice, konjac slice, ginger slice, bamboo shoots, carrots, white radish, mushrooms, vegetables and other block or large particle materials like marine life, especially suitable for drying materials that requires lower temperatures. The strong seasonal vegetables can get timely treatment and avoid economic losses caused by mildew and deterioration of seasonal depots and the original quality of vegetables can be maintained. This series of pepper drying machine has advantages of fast drying speed, high evaporation strength and good product quality.

Drying method of peppers:
Experiments and practice experience for years show that 46 ~ 55°C is the best temperature range for pepper drying. When plates of peppers are sent into the drying room, rise the temperature to 50°C and start ventilating, and then keep the temperature within 50 ~ 55 ℃ and continuous ventilation until all the peppers are dried. In order to obtain better appearance of peppers, the temperature of different periods can also be regulated in suitable range. Generally, before the moisture content of pepper reduces to 50%, slow drying with temperature of 46 ~ 50°C can be made. Then, drying with rapid warming in 50 ~ 55°C. All in all, the temperature rise should be slow when the fruit has higher moisture content, and warming faster with less moisture content, which can preserve and form more flavor substances of the peppers, improve the taste quality and prevent the color of dried pepper from browning reaction.

Timely and proper ventilation and humidity elimination. Red pepper has the moisture content of 80% or so, thus plenty of water would be released in the drying process, which would directly affect the color of the dried pepper. Therefore, attention should be paid to strengthen the management of ventilation and humidity elimination to ensure stable and appropriate dehydration speed of the peppers. The management of ventilation and humidity elimination takes the temperature difference as the standard. Generally, the wet bulb temperature should be maintained at 38 ~ 39 °C and the temperature difference above 6°C(excluding 6°C). When the wet bulb temperature exceeds 40°C or the temperature difference is in 4 ~ 6 °C, it shows that the relative humidity inside the drying room is higher, then timely ventilation and humidity elimination should be made. If the wet bulb temperature is below 37 ℃ or temperature difference is above 10°C, it shows lower relative humidity so that humidity elimination should be controlled appropriately to keep the wet bulb temperature within 38 ~ 39°C.