Yunting peanut roasting production line

Peanut Roasting Production Line

The equipment is made of 304 stainless steel, and all of the mechanical and electrical components are high-quality domestic components with excellent quality and stable performance.
The product is functional, reliable, safe and in high efficiency and simple operation, which is the first choice for roasting peanut kernels. It is mainly applicable to the production of small and medium-sized fruit and vegetable food enterprises.

What can be roasted by this machine?
The highland barley, buckwheat, soybean, peanut, pistachio nuts, melon seeds, Pecan, pine nuts, almonds and other nuts or grains of various raw materials take smokeless roasting process.

Natural gas and liquefied gas can be used for heating in the peanut roasting production line. The roasting time, speed and temperature of the peanut roasting production line are adjustable with the characteristics of failure warning, uniform roasting, high yield, no pollution or damage. Peanuts processed by the peanut roasting production line are good at color, smell and taste.