Peanut planter

The seeding space of peanut planter is even and the depth is consistent. The peanut planter has complete functions from sowing, fertilizing, film coating to soil casing. It greatly reduces the labor intensity of users and improves the production efficiency, thus it has been popularized quickly in recent years and has become a good assistant of users. When using the peanut planter, the following items should be noticed:

Peanut planter equipmentPeanut planter equipment
1. Before operating, you should check all fasteners carefully and make sure the connection is firm.
2. Lubricating oil should be added in the rotating parts before operating.
3. After working per shift, remove the mud and debris on the machines and tools.
4. At the end of quarterly work, check the bearing and chain of the running parts to see whether it need to be changed or adjusted.
5. At the end of quarterly work, clear out the fertilizer in fertilizer box, distributing device and fertilizer feeding pipe immediately with water in order to avoid corrosion of peanut planter; impurities in the medicine barrel need to be cleaned as well, then dry the residual liquid in the barrel.
6. Peanut seeds in the seed sowing device should be removed at the end of quarterly work in case of affecting the seed quality of next year.
7. The machine should be kept in the ventilate shade, outdoor parking is not allowed.
8. When storing the equipment, the rack had better be padded to make the drive roller and shovel off the ground.

Peanut planting equipment produced by our company has been well received by the customers because of its strong functions, wide application, high efficiency, fine appearance and lower price with high market share and wide range of reputation for years.