Peanut Peeling Machine

1.Peanut wet peeling machine

Peanut wet peeling machine is the ideal equipment for removal of peanut red skin and almond skin. After peeled, mainly used for process fried peanuts, peanut milk (milk), almond peanut protein powder, almond juice.
Peanut peeling machine Peanut peeling machine
Peanut Wet Peeling Machine has the features of reasonable design and compact construction. It adopts hand peeling principle and special peeling components, so it has high peeling rate, high whole kernel rate, non-pollution, low power consumption and peeling and shin separation at the simultaneously.


Power:0.75kw ;Voltage:380V
Peeling Rate:96%
Broken Rate: 6%
Production Capacity:150-160kg/h

Peeling Rate:96%
Broken Rate: 6%
Dimensions: 1100*760*1050mm
Production Capacity:200-220kg/h

Feature for wet peanut peeling machine
1. It can remove the skin of peanuts/soybean/almond/chicpeas off easily and gently like human hand.
2. High peeling rate. High whole kernel rate. No pollution.
3. Peanut peeling machine can peel bigger chicpeas, almond also.
4. Peeled peanut/chicpeas/almond are used for frying.

PeanutAlmondHorse BeanSoybean

This is a specialized equipment to peel the red coat of soaked peanuts. It is widely used in the previous peeling process of fried peanuts, spiced peanuts, eight-treasure congee, pickled peanuts etc. The peeled peanuts will be kept whole kernel. The surface of the kernel will not be hurt and the protein will not be destroyed after peeling. The red coat can separate with the kernel automatically while the machine is peeling and the machine is really high-efficient and easy to operate.

2.Peanut dry peeling machine

Peanut dry peeling machine

The Dry type Peanut peeling machine adopts pneumatic principle; it can remove automatically the red skin of the peanut seeds without any damage. Mainly used to peel roasted peanut seeds. Peanut needn't be soaked in water can directly use this machine to peel.


Power Source: 0.75kw ;
Peeling Rate:96%
Broken Rate: 6%
Pakcing size: 1250x500x1200

Power Source: 1.5kw ;
Peeling Rate:96%
Broken Rate: 5-20%
N.W/G.W: 200/260kg
Size:1100*600*1100 mm
Packing Size: 1200*700*1200mm

Power Source: 2.61kw
Peeling Rate:96%
Broken Rate: 5-20%
Capacity: 600 kg/hr
Packing Size: 1200*1000*1200

Features of dry peanut peeling machine:
1.This is an advanced peeling machine for peanuts.
2. It is compact and stable with a reasonable structure and low noise.
3.The peanut enters in the peeling room from hopper automatically, then the rubbing device peels the peanut to be white, scarless, and keep whole-kernel.
4.The red skin will be separated from the peanut kernel automatically.
Peanut dry peeling machine
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