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Peanut butter production line

The main equipment of the production line are the oven, semi peeling machine, sorting belt, feeding machine, rough mill, mixing tank, pump, mixer, homogenizer, fine grinding mill, vacuum tank, cooling machine, filling machine and so on. It has the characteristics of line production with high mechanization degree, good reliability, full closed production and no pollution. The peanut butter processing production line is the advanced equipment for production of stable type peanut butter. Peanut butter produced can meet the export standards. Specific process and output can be customized according to the requirements of customers.

Peanut Butter Production LinePeanut Butter Production LinePeanut Butter Production LinePeanut Butter

Process of peanut butter production line
raw material elevating- removing stone and impurities - roasting- cooling - shelling - selecting- rough milling - fine milling - conditioning - cooling - degassing - filling.

Main equipment of peanut butter production line

(1) oven: for roasting peanuts.
(2) cooling belt: the fan is used to take out the heat for cooling peanuts after roasting.
(3) peeling machine: peeling dried and roasted peanuts, kernels and shells are automatically separated to ensure peanut quality after peeling.
(4) picking belt: picking unqualified peanuts and some food residues.
(5) rough mill: for the first milling of peanuts.
(6) ultrafine mill: for the further milling of peanuts after rough milling to further improve the processing fineness.
(7) condenser: cool the peanut butter after milling.
(8) degassing tank: degassing the peanut butter before filling.
(9) filling: filling and packing.
(10) peanut butter cooling machine
Peanut butter machinePeanut butter grinding machine

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