Korean Customer Ordered Peanut Shelling Machine from Our Company

On April 15th, the customer from Korea ordered two sets of peanut shelling machine from our company. He is satisfied about the working performance of our equipment after receiving the peanut shelling machine and he would also recommend our equipment to his friends.
Peanut shelling machine is the professional equipment to remove the shell from peanuts through high-speed rotation and keep the peanuts complete without damage. The peanut shelling machine produced by our company has the function of peanut shelling and shell and kernel separation with the features of compact structure, easy operation, stable performance, low power consumption and low noise.

Peanut Shelling Machine

Peanut shelling machine provided by our company is manufactured according to the national standards strictly. It can be used to shell the peanuts and separate shells and kernels without damaging the peanut kernels. The shelling rate of the peanut shelling machine is higher than 95% and the broken rate is lower than 5%.
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