Customer from Ivory Coast purchased peanut roasting machine from our company

The customer from Ivory Coast purchased one set of peanut roasting machine (model DHL-05) from our company on June 1st. The quality and working condition of the peanut roasting machine gets the approbation of customers after being using for a period of time.

Peanut Roasting MachinePeanut Roasting Machine

The peanut roasting machine produced by our company is mainly used for drying and roasting all kinds of nuts and seeds like peanuts, almond, broad bean, coffee beans, melon seeds, etc. The peanut roasting machine is equipped with automatic temperature control, which ensures uniform roasting and pure taste of baked products. Our peanut roasting machine has the advantages of energy saving, safe and simple operation. The baking quality of nuts and seeds can meet the food hygiene standard.

Peanut Engines is a professional manufacturer and supplier of peanut machine with years of experience. Peanut roasting machine produced by our company has proper structure, nice appearance, convenient operation, high quality and low price. The peanut roasting machine can be applied for peanuts and vegetable processing in food factories and favored by a large number of users all over the world with its excellent performance and reasonable price.