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Electric Peanut Fryer Machine

The commercial electric fryer machine can be used to produce most of frying snacks, such as nuts like broad beans, green beans, peanuts, pine nuts and puffing food like rice crust and potato chips. Fried food are not only excellent in color, aroma and taste with beautiful appearance (without black spot), but also extend the use of frying oil and reduce the waste so that more than 50% of oil can be saved compared with traditional frying machine.


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The features of electric fryer machine:

1. The whole machine of peanut fryer machine is made of high quality stainless steel, which is exquisite in workmanship and durable in use.
2. The use of water and oil mixed technology and automatic filtration residues extend the oil change period and reduce the cost of oil greatly.
3. Adopt automatic temperature control to avoid overheat, residues, increases of acid value and black oil and greatly reduces the lampblack.
4. With partitioning temperature control to separate inferior oil effectively. No smell pollution when frying various of food and with multi-usage.
5. The overtemperature protection device can make you feel relieved in the use of peanut fryer machine.

Electric fryer machine

The peanut fryer machine is equipped with advanced automatic temperature control device, the oil temperature can be adjusted between room temperature and 230 degrees. After setting the temperature according to the fried product, on-off state of automatic control of heating can keep constant temperature, which reduces energy consumption, makes the operation more simple and fast, improves the working efficiency and popular with users.