Peanut Harvester

Peanut is a kind of nut with abundant production and wide consumption. It has many uses in food, medicine and industry. However, under the influence of planting agronomy, geographical conditions and growth habits, there is still much room for mechanization in the whole process, especially in the harvest. 4HB-2600 self-propelled peanut harvester has attracted wide attention in the industry since its launch.

4HB-2600 self-propelled peanut harvester is mainly used for collecting, picking, cleaning, loading, cutting and recycling of peanuts after harvesting or airing. It is suitable for areas where peanuts can be harvested mechanically. The peanut harvester has good operation performance, compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance, wide adaptability, safe and reliable.

Peanut Harvester

The cab is fully enclosed and shock-absorbing with good sealing and comfort. As is known to all, the working environment in the farmland is complex, and when working on the uneven land, farmers suffer some damage to the body as the agricultural machine bumps. With the shock absorption design and equipment, they can be more comfortable and less tired when operating the peanut harvester.

Engine of peanut harvester machine has flexible configuration, 110 horsepower and 120 horsepower can be chosen. Everyone has their own "complex" towards the engine brand. The distribution of the engine after-sales outlets of each brand is also different. Therefore, users can choose their favorite engine that is easy to maintain, which can better reflect the care for users.

The pulverizer is changed from single band to double band, and the cutting effect is better and more reasonable. As an important part of the peanut harvester, the pulverizer is regulated fully and reasonably on the original basis and the operation effect is better.

The picking room is improved with better threshing effect and higher efficiency. The threshing effect of the peanut harvester is particularly important. 4HB-2600 self-propelled peanut harvester has better threshing effect, which can greatly reduce the manual workload.

Optimized straw box, fruit box, no vibration or noise. The noise of the whole machine can be reduced by 30%. From a physical point of view, sound is triggered and transmitted by vibration. In the agricultural machinery industry, low noise means low vibration and low vibration

If the transmission is smooth, the failure rate would be reduced. Fan impeller of the peanut harvester adopts wear - resistant plate, more durable and reliable. Most of agricultural machinery  are not used once, but reused every year during the working season. Therefore, the materials used are of vital importance. Fan impeller is easy to wear, so it is necessary to adopt materials with good abrasion resistance to ensure the quality of the whole machine.

The observation port of fruit picking room is increased, which is more convenient and reasonable.
In the process of operation of peanut harvester, it is inevitable to know the operation effect of fruit picking. If you stop to check it, the operation efficiency would be reduced. An observation port in the fruit picking room can make it easier for the operator to check the results at any time.

4HB-2600 self-propelled peanut harvester increases the capacity of diesel fuel tank, making the operation time longer, reducing the times for refueling and improving the operation efficiency.

As the labor force aging phenomenon becomes more and more serious in modern times, reducing the physical effort of peanut growers and promoting the mechanization level in the whole process of peanut production as far as possible are the responsibility of the agricultural machinery industry. 4HB-2600 peanut harvester would certainly be favored by users.